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Grammatical Notes

  no.  = noun
vb.  = verb
adj. = adjective
ind. = indeclinable

a.   = atmane-padi
p.   = parasmai-padi
u.   = ubhaya-padi
  sl. = singular
du. = dual
pl. = plural

m.  = masculine
f.  = femenine
n.  = nuter
t.  = all gender
  pr = present
ps = past
fu = future
im = imperative
op = optative

1st = 1st person
2nd = 2nd person
3rd = 3rd person
  nom. = nominative
acc. = accusative
instr. = instrumental
dat. = dative
abl. = ablative
gen. = genitive
loc. = locative
ak.  = अकारन्त
aak. = आकारान्त
ik.  = इकारान्त
iik. = ईकारान्त
uk.   = उकारान्त
uuk.  = ऊकारान्त
RRik. = ऋकारान्त
rk.   = रकारान्त
dk.  = दकारान्त
nk.  = नकारान्त
ink. = इन्कारान्त
shk. = शकारान्त
sk.  = सकारान्त
** All noun forms are in nominative singular. All verbs are in 1st person singular present tense.
  Boy (akaaranta masculine noun nominative singular) - ak.m.no.nom.sl
  Read (bhvaadi present verb 1st-person singular) - bhvaadi.vb.pr.1st.sl

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